Security Risk Assessment Services for Business Organizations

One of the best ways to make sure that you have the best practices and services in place to secure your building, organization, or event is to outsource security evaluations that will identify potential risks or hazards in the environment. Risk assessment services can include a wide range of specific concerns, depending on the organization or situation being evaluated. Professional security services like The Hemingway Group, LLC (THGLLC), specializes in finding solutions to the many different types of security issues that can plague all facets of government, all kinds of businesses, educational institutions, healthcare systems, and private or public events. Our team can perform threat assessments and evaluations designed to identify gaps in security or areas of concern that should be addressed for effective risk management and maximize each client’s security needs.

What is Risk Assessment?

Making the decision to improve or increase security within your organization means taking a harder look at any existing security measures and identifying areas of vulnerability. Which risks pose the most danger to the facility, business, staff, and visitors? Are there any priorities that must be addressed first before doing anything else? Risk assessment services are designed to help our clients become more informed and provide the essential data required to make intelligent decisions about professional security services for their organization. Our goal is to provide comprehensive security evaluations and consulting services while assisting our customers in reducing the cost and complexity of their security needs. Our team of dedicated experts is committed to understanding, meeting, and exceeding the security requirements of our clients to provide comprehensive security services.

Risk assessment services are in-depth security evaluations performed by a team of highly trained and experienced security professionals. This type of service should include an inventory of the assets to be protected, as well as strategic recommendations designed to protect them. This is an essential service for practically every organization across all industries, ranging from public schools to Fortune 500 corporate headquarters. Event centers, municipalities, shopping malls, and manufacturing plants all carry distinct risks that must be addressed to protect the business and everyone in it. Our team will help to identify the most significant threats to people and property, identify security gaps that have been overlooked, and create a priority list of areas that must be addressed right away for best results. It is crucial for all types of businesses and organizations to obtain professional risk assessment and threat assessment services to determine the status of their security protocols and services.

Common Risks and Areas of Concern

While you might not think that your organization carries any inherent risks, there are common workplace environment hazards and areas of concern that must be addressed. Risk assessment services shine a light on areas that management and other organization leaders may not even be aware exist. Our team of dedicated experts specializes not only in physical security services for businesses, buildings, and assets, but also in other risk management areas, such as workplace violence, active shooter, armed intruder, situational awareness, verbal de-escalation and diffusion techniques, and personal safety training. Our goal is to use our training, knowledge, background, and experience to help our clients protect their businesses, facilities, staff, and visitors from potential security risks. We work to help our clients gain insight into the protocols that are working to reduce these risks while providing services to protect areas that require additional support.

The Hemingway Group can help you maximize your current security services and resources to reduce costs and improve protection based on your organization’s unique risk factors and industry requirements. Our security evaluations can help us to determine concerns that can be overcome through specialized training for you and your team and provide services designed to support CMS compliance, OSHA General Duty Clause, and other programs for specific at-risk industries. Once we gain insight into the areas that require the most attention through risk assessment services, we can provide a plan of action for professional security services and support that will address all of your needs.

If you would like to speak with one of our trained professionals about your needs for security consulting, risk management, staff training, or any of the other professional services we provide, contact us at 401-578-0028. We can answer any questions you might have or schedule an appointment for comprehensive risk assessment services at your earliest convenience.