Professional security consulting services provide organizations with solutions designed to help them address specific security issues and risks that can impact all facets of government, all types of businesses, educational institutions, and healthcare systems. A comprehensive approach is used to provide insight through a variety of risk assessments and security evaluations, as well as discussions with the client to discuss their unique concerns and needs. Custom security solutions are designed to meet or exceed the client’s requirements to provide a full-spectrum of security services, training, and support.

Professional Security Consulting

The Hemingway Group, LLC (THGLLC), is a team of dedicated experts who are committed to understanding and meeting the security needs of our clients. We have helped our clients by providing comprehensive security solutions designed according to their unique needs and situations. We have invested heavily in staying up on the latest industry trends, technologies, regulations, and best practices for professional security services.

On-site security consulting is essential to help our team learn the security challenges, requirements, and daily needs of your business operations. This approach allows us to be better equipped to meet or exceed your organization’s expectations for comprehensive security solutions. We can make recommendations to address security gaps, improve operational efficiencies, and prepare you and your staff for potential risks or hazards that are inherent to the industry that you serve.

Some of the specialized areas of expertise for security consulting include:

  • Identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities
  • Workplace violence identification and prevention
  • Situational awareness and personal safety training
  • State-of-the-art security leadership, services, and support

Contact our team directly for Security Consulting by calling 401-578-0028. We can answer any questions you might have about our security consulting services and any of the other professional services that we provide.