Professional event security services are often required for planned gatherings. Any crowd has the potential to pose a legitimate risk, which can increase the danger for everyone present. A comprehensive security strategy must be developed for each event based on the scope and scale of the gathering to protect all attendees, the host facility, event staff, and the surrounding area. Custom risk assessment services are often required to identify the unique demands of each event. Crowd management, security support and training for on-site staff and custom event security solutions can be created and provided for planned gatherings of all types and sizes by our professional security team.

Comprehensive Event Security

The Hemingway Group, LLC (THGLLC), provides security consulting and professional services for many different types of events. We offer Private Event Security, Public Event Security, Protective Details, and Route Security, based on the needs of each client. We work to customize a security plan that is specific to each event location and gathering to maximize results. Our goal is to help clients reduce the cost and complexity of event security while streamlining and improving the security management services we provide.

Our team specializes in finding solutions to the multidimensional and asymmetrical security issues that consistently plague all facets of government and types of businesses. Depending on the venue and requirements of the event, our team can either provide on-site security personnel and support staff to augment existing in-house security or as a total security solution. We can secure transportation to and from the event and offer crowd management and emergency response planning with local law enforcement for a comprehensive approach.

When you hire The Hemingway Group, LLC for event security, you can expect:

  • A comprehensive assessment of the facility, type of event, and the surrounding local area to identify potential risks, hazards, and weaknesses to improve security management
  • A team of seasoned professionals with backgrounds in law enforcement, military, special operations, and specialized training in security service protocols
  • Many years of professional training, consulting, and experience with risk assessment and event security strategies for a diverse client list

Contact our team directly for Event Security Services by calling 401-578-0028. We can answer any questions you might have about our event security services, as well as any of the other professional services that we provide.