Studies show that more than 570,000 Americans are impacted by workplace violence every year. Depending on the industry that an organization services, the likelihood of incidents, threats, and other hazards could be significantly higher than other businesses. Government, corporate, commercial, educational, and healthcare-related organizations are at the top of the list for potential risks or hazards involved in the workplace environment. All levels of management need to receive the training necessary to help them recognize and proactively respond to critical behavior indicators that are often exhibited in the workplace that are linked to workplace violence situations.

Specialized Training Services

The Hemingway Group, LLC (THGLLC), specializes in providing our clients with the necessary training, skills, and support required to proactively prepare for potential workplace risks, hazards, and situations. We offer training for managing active shooter incidents, workplace violence identification and prevention, situational awareness, verbal de-escalation and diffusion techniques, and personal safety training.

Our team can provide a complete vulnerability risk assessment and assist with policy development and reviews. Our background, experience, and client list are incredibly diverse, providing us with the insight, industry knowledge, and skills necessary to help meet or exceed the security needs of each client we serve. At THGLLC, our goal is to provide the services, training, and support necessary to ensure that our clients are more informed, prepared, and confident about their organization’s security and risk management situation.

Some of the services that we provide for specialized training include:

  • Active shooter / armed intruder training
  • Conflict resolution / de-escalation training
  • Joint Commission / CMS compliance assistance
  • OSHA General Duty clause awareness training
  • Personal safety skills training for specific at-risk industries

Contact our team directly for Certified Training services by calling 401-578-0028. We can answer any questions you might have about our training programs and services, and any of the other professional services that we provide.