Integrity, Professionalism and Vigilance.

Event Security

Professional consulting and custom security plans for Private Event Security, Public Event Security, Protective Details, and Route Security, based on the needs of each client..

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Security Consulting

Our custom security solutions are designed to meet or exceed the client’s requirements to provide a full-spectrum approach to security services, training, and support...

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Risk Assessments

We conduct risk assessments, threat assessments, and security evaluations using a systematic approach to the process of evaluating the potential risks or hazards...

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Certified Training

All levels of management need to receive the training necessary to help them recognize and proactively respond to critical behavior indicators often exhibited in the workplace...

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Who We Are – What We Do

The Hemingway Group, LLC (THGLLC), is a security consulting service specializing in providing comprehensive solutions for all facets of government, all types of businesses, educational institutions, and healthcare systems.

Our mission is to provide all of the necessary services, training, support, and solutions that will assist our clients in becoming more informed so they can make smart business decisions about their specific security and risk management system...